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08,  · Helmet Showdown: Arai XD-4 vs. Shoei Hornet X2 vs. Klim Krios Pro. Jim Pruner ober 8, . e Koroyd safety liner found in e Klim is claimed to absorb a lot more crash energy an e EPS foam liners found in bo e Arai and Shoei, but as I mentioned before is hasn’t been confirmed by an independent testing facility at e time Au or: Jim Pruner. Apr 27,  · April 27, . e only consensus in e debate between Shoei and Arai helmets is Arai came first in 1930, starting wi e production of headgear for e Japanese military. e business itself dated back to 1900 and was started by Yuichiro Arai as a hat maker. Later his son Hirotake took over and transitioned e company to industrial helmets after World II and eventually to . Arai has consistently been heralded as e master of fit and is is evidenced by eir commitment to running e gamut of headshapes. Features. Venting: Shoei’s venting gets better wi price point, while Arai’s stays fairly consistent across eir models. Bo offer track helmets at are renowned for eir venting capabilities. Apr 25,  · Helmet Comparison - Shoei vs Arai. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Zfleck. Registered. Joined Apr 25 86 Posts. Discussion Starter • 1 • 4 mo ago. I know at is is probably a long shot and at helmets are one of ose ings wi a ton of personal preference, but I was hoping to find some folks wi experience. 27,  · Shoei vs Arai vs AGV vs HJC vs Shark vs NolanGroup. is means we’ve gone rough all of our brands and can now announce our winner. And it’s, sorry Arai and AGV fans, Shoei. ey got 4 stars overall, but ey also did as good or better an every o er company in each category not to mention having a great value for money of 22 Euros per star. 04,  · For example, Shoei uses a sophisticated manufacturing process involving 50 individuals beginning to end to make each and every helmet, and Arai builds every single helmet – even ose for eir sponsored racers – to e same standards, inspected and hand-signed at each phase. 16,  · As long as it meets e safety standards set for by DOT, ECE I wouldn't second guess it. Al ough I am a Shoei wearer, eir helmets just seem to fit met e best, I have found at HJC fits re kably close to how a Shoei fits. I will say at e fit and finish of e Shoei is a bit nicer. No.1 – Arai Up from number 2 last year, Arai’s excellent average score has risen from 4.4/5 to 4.5/5 over e course of putting em at e top of e pile for . Of 6 helmets tested since , eir average score has been massively helped wi bo e Signet-X and Corsair-X scoring maximum 5 stars for safety while all e o ers. Snell tests are truly vigorous and challenging. Some models of e brands like Arai, Bell, Shoei, Hjc have passed is test. e number of helmets at could pass is test is limited. Snell standards are renewed in every 5 years. Retention System It is e chin strap of e helmet. ey are categorized as Micrometric or Double D Ring. Is Shoei e best motorcycle helmet manufacturer? OR is it Arai or AGV? We've pitted Shoei against all e major helmet brands on our road test to find out. 24,  · I personally prefer e Arai's, ey just feel a tad more plush. I prefer e cheek pad design of e Shoei over e Arai, it's easier to clean and I seem to break e vents off my Arai a little easier, but at's likely due to e Arai being lighter an e Shoei, have to save weight somewhere. 05, 2004 · My Arai also fogs up whenever I brea, or even ink about brea ing. I must say ough, my Arai ia super comfortable, and e safety is A+. However, Shoei X-9 is still my favorite. A little hard on e padding side, but e Shoei is e safest and quietest on e ket in my opinion, (I've been around awhile, and had alot of helmets. 17,  · Shoei has traditionally been a brand associated wi in ation and high safety standards. Many of e safety features at occur across brands today, such as e use of Kevlar and carbon fibers were originally incorporated into helmets by Shoei. Looking at comparisons such as Arai vs Shoei full face helmets can be a quick and easy way. 26,  · Same ing happened wi my RF- 00. Started wi a nice snug fit, but e padding quickly deteriorated. I've had an AGV (GP-Tech), two Arai's (Profile), one Suomy (Spec-1R Extreme), a Bell (Star), and e Shoei (RF- 00). Of em all, only e Shoei exhibited e quick interior wear, and was by far e heaviest, especially when compared to my. 31,  · Shoei is a little lighter, better cooling, e peak is less flexible because it has ree points were it attaches to e helmet, Shoei is more quiet, peak is very easy to remove (e visor can stay in place) Arai fits better, is mer, has a cleaner design (i have an all grey one) 5. modular likes. e Tour-X 4’s most obvious competitor is e Shoei Hornet ADV. Arai Tour-X 4 review: Verdict. Despite e fact at you can wear e Arai Tour-X4 wi or wi out e peak (and wi or wi out e visor), most purchasers will be getting it for e fact at it offers such great shielding from e sun. So, it is vital to understand at noise. e Shoei Open Face Helmet e Shoei RJ-Platinum R is a modern take on an iconic motorcycle helmet design. It’s a popular helmet wi touring riders and cruiser owners. e RJ-Platinum R has an excellent build quality. It also has a comfortable interior at is somewhat different from o er modern Shoei helmets. e solid-feeling shell . Like when I hear someone drives an Audi, Mercedes, BMW or Lexus I might subconsciously view em as being more succesful ( or not be fact). So you pay more for at status symbol factor. I ink to a certain degree e same concept applies to e Arai and Shoei brand names vs. for example HJC. 04,  · Anyone Interested In Cheap Shoei & Arai Helments?? Riding Gear: 3: 4, : arai or shoei?? New Owners Forum: 24: 30, 20: H: My reveiw of e Shoei X-11 and e Arai RX-7 Wi pics: Riding Gear: 5: 27, 2009: Shoei X-11 VS Arai Rx7RR4: Riding Gear: 4: 31, 2008: Which one is??? Shoei X-11 Or Arai RX-7: General Bike Related. 08, 2008 · Lending credence in my mind at e Shoei head vs. Arai head line of inking will do you best. Find one at feels good and go wi it. Stay safe, e nation at makes a great distinction between its scholars and riors will have its inking done by cods and its fighting done by fools. Arai or Shoei? Arai or AGV? Arai or Shark? Which Arai helmet to choose? e Arai RX 7V, Arai Axces 3, Arai Tour X4, Arai Chaser X, and more. Discover e best guide of motorcycle helmets Arai in video in our blog. We also tell you e particularity of Arai, its characteristics, prices and our opinions. 13,  · at actually means e RF-1200 weighs less an its X12 stablemate and even e top-of- e-line Arai Corsair V. Shoei also says it’s gone to great leng s to . 23, 2004 · I wanted to update is somewhat dated discussion about Arai vs. Shoei helmets based on what I found during my helmet search. I've always heard at one's head is ei er an Arai-head or a Shoei-head, and I certainly found at to be e case wi older Shoei models. I absolutely could not get an RF-800 or RF-900 to fit my head. AGV Shoei or Arai? After using LS2 Helmet series on my 125CC Model CBR125R, I want to upgrade my riding gear and also my motorcycle to 250CC's, I'm looking for confortable and reliable helmet. But I'm really unsure because I checked SHARP helmet testing program. 19, 2009 · well, I ided to skip e Shoei. e RF- 00 was too short, and it pressed on e top of my head near e front. After just a few minutes it wasn't comfy. e fit was good, e shape was just not for me. e Shoei X-11 was MUCH better, e helmet felt longer as in long enough, and it didn't press on e top of my head as badly. 18,  · e GT-air is probably e most long oval of e Shoei helmets which is why it fits me closer to e perfect Arai fit. I concur wi e o er comments made. My only annoyance is at on e Arai you could crack open e shield where is in e Shoei it . e XC is yet ano er example of Arai’s ades-long tradition of improving on what works, redefining how open-face helmets can look – and protect. e most telling feature is e extended coverage in e lower jaw-cheek pad area – extending 1 3/16 ford compared to e previous model (and traditional open-face ¾ helmets). 07, 2007 · Lids are for fitment, safety, and style preference - in at order. We all have differently shaped heads. Some don't fit right in Shoei and fit fine in Arai/Suomy. Vice Versa. Personally ink all DOT full face helmets are fine. I'd go wi a Brand New HJC over a used one from e net. Once again, my personal preference. e RPHA is more of a race helmet an e Shoei. e Shoei is a exceedingly fantastic street helmet. I can't praise e RF 1200 enough but e ear folding, buffeting and air leak lead me to look at o er helmets for spirited riding. My second impression was, its a fine looking lid. Its aggressively styled, but wi out trying to hard. Visit e completely renewed and updated website of Arai Helmet Europe. Check out e complete new helmet range including new models. Enjoy e new video effects and a weal of Arai company and tech information. Lots of downloads too! 30, 2004 · I've had bo an arai rx-7 and a shoei xsp-II, and in my opinion ey are bo excellent helmets. Of course, ey are 2 of e most expensive too, but ebay is wonderful. e Shoei was quieter, not so much due to e vents but e lack of shield covers on e side I ink. e Arai is kinda loud, but damn, e ventilation system is amazing. 26, 2009 · Prior to e EXO 400, e Shoei RF 00 was at e top of my list. It's definitely lighter e e 400 and vents better but yes it does have fogging issues and is noisier on e highway. O er helmets at I own - Arai Signet GT (loud!), and Shark RSX (overall poor fit . Does it protect more an e Shoei NXR? e answer is at bo helmets are a guarantee of safety but wi two different concepts. As regards e Shoei NXR, be aes etically it has a bit more of a sports spirit anks to e integrated spoiler and e Arai Profile-V is more sport-touring. 01, 2009 · (4) Safety. Fly uses two different foam densities in e lining of eir helmet. e crown features a soft density foam (similar to e Arai VX-Pro3), while e rest of e shell is surrounded by. Arai is a family-owned business at has been producing 0 hand-made motorcycle helmets since 1926. eir commitment is to exceed industry safety standards giving riders e ultimate protection, while at e same time providing e comfort at ey need and want. Arai Defiant Pro Cruise is available wi or wi out Arai Pro Shade e Arai Defiant has been DOT certified and ECE 22.05 tested so you know e basics should all work well. It’s also been Snell certified and SHARP safety tested where it scored 3 stars out of 5. Shoei Helmets Collection Important ranty notice regarding helmet purchases in e U.S. Top. Search. Search. Search. Search. Search Active Safety. Production & Quality. R&D / Testing. Shield Technology. Shield Tints Technology. Inside A Shoei Helmet. Active Safety. Production & . 31, 20  · hello i wana buy helmet but i am Confused between arai and shoei And what is e best and strongest so I would like to take yours advice in e selection Menu. Forums. New posts. What's new. New posts New media New media comments New showcase items New showcase comments. Showcase. New items New comments Latest reviews. is a participant in e Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, participates in various o er affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission rough purchases made rough our links. Full-face Shoei helmets in Nor America lacking internal sunshields are Snell certified. Differing philosophies regarding construction and safety testing exist, and oftentimes clash wi one ano er. Most full-face helmets wi internal sunshields in e U.S. are bo D.O.T. and ECE certified (ECE being a Euro safety standard). 17, 2006 · Of my 40 helmets, I like e Arai best. ey are noisier an o ers, but e trade off is at ey are light. Plus, I can put on any Arai large and I know it will fit. I buy all my helmets on eBay, for not more an $400 for e $600-700 Arai. I have some Shoei helmets, but ey tend to be on e heavier side and I cannot get e fit right. 04,  · Arai Helmet Safety A helmet review wi out some in dep talk of e protection a helmet offers is more of a sales pitch an a review. We want you to know every ing when it comes to choosing e right helmet for you. In e sense of safety, Arai helmet seems to be a little different an most. Almost more traditional, but in a really good sense. 18,  · e Shoei Glamster helmet is a new offering from e highly-regarded Japanese helmet manufacturer aimed squarely at e vintage, classic, and retro motorcycle world. In e past few years we’ve gone from having almost no safe/modern helmets wi retro design cues to having over a dozen to choose from – all meeting modern certification. e AGV Corsa R is a top-tier (ough not flagship, at would be e Pista GP R) road racing helmet at competes wi e likes of e Arai Signet-X and Quantum-X, Shoei X-Fourteen, and Bell. ere are two AWESOME helmet brands left- Arai and Shoei. Bo are handmade in Japan. ere are some euro brands at try, but no one comes close IMO. e issue is going to be e build date- You should replace your helmet every years- but, if well taken care of, I ink I would ra er have a aged Arai or Shoei vs. a new HJC. 11,  · Many en usiasts would agree at eir helmets are top class in terms of in ation, materials, comfort and of course safety ratings. In fact, Shoei was e first to use several features found on high-end helmets today including carbon fiber and Kevlar shells as well as dual ventilation liners.

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