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Ways to Chat ere are ree different types of chat. Depending on your account, and how it is setup, one or several of e chat types below be available to you. e ree types of chat available to Wizards are:. Menu Chat: is is also referred to as bubble chat. It is completely safe and all players use e Menu Chat. To use Menu Chat, simply select e Chat icon from e upper. How do I Chat in Wizard 1? In order to maintain a fun and safe virtual world experience for everyone Wizard 1 has 4 communication options. 1) Menu Chat: Players can use predetermined phrases to talk wi o er players. 15,  · Read about e wizard 1 cheats and wizard 1 master password hack here. Wizard 1 Online Hack - CLICK To CONTINUE! Posted on . Hello Wizards! To get Text chat you have to be 13 or over. If your already 13 or older and you want to know how to get text chat please follow ese steps! Step 1: Log on to your account at www.Wizard 1.com Step 2: Click My Accounts Under your username. Step 2: Go to parental controls. 15,  · So anyway for text chat you basically have to be over 13 or e owner of e account can enable it. However, for open chat I heard you must be 18 or older and make a purchase. So I'm confused because one day someone just told me to get open chat like a glass of water. Do you have to wait to be 18 or can your parent enable it? Yes, ere is, but its called text chat on wizard. To do at, you have to be at least 13 to do so, anyway, first you press e enter button on your keyboard, en a window will come up on e. So I had someone ask me how I got open chat recently so I felt like I would just make a post about it if anyone else had at issue. My main account is from 20, and I was honest about my age so I was unable to ever get open chat and not only did I regret it but it . 21,  · According to Mr. Lincoln open chat requires 18+ no exception. It no longer says any ing about having a credit card on e account except for filtered chat. Its probably like is because e new changes prevent false open chatters. @ No credit card purchase allows you to change your bir date its a federal law, e COPPA. 13,  · Wizard 1 e Best Ways To Get Open Chat For Your Wizard or Account - Duration: 6:56. Skelemystyk 23, 4 views. 6:56. What Is e BEST School To Pick In Wizard 1? - . 27,  · Hello Wizards! To get Text chat you have to be 13 or over. If your already 13 or older and you want to know how to get text chat please follow ese steps! Step 1: Log on to your account at www.Wizard 1.com Step 2: Click My Accounts Under your username. Step 2: Go to parental controls. 18+ Open Chat 18+ Open Chat allows players a more open communication environment wi o er 18+ players. is chat will be filtered for profanity. In is channel, when players type eir text ey will see 3 colors in e chat window: white means 13+ can see it, yellow means only 18+ can see it, and red is completely filtered. 09,  · Okay, so, I looked up numerous videos, asked a lot of people and ey don't have e answer. is is my last resort. When I log into e Wizard 1 website I go to e My Account option and go to Parental controls. From ere I look for e open chat option but it isn't ere. Why? I have created a master password and have logged into it and I have a credit card on file and have made. 06, 20  · 4. Next, on e list of accounts, click e wizard you want to enable Open Chat. 5. After at, scroll down to Account Management, and ere should be an option wi Chat. On my wizards I have Filtered Chat & Open chat, so enable em bo. After at, you SHOULD have open chat. Hope is helped! Oh, AND DON'T USE IT TILL YOU ARE +18! anks. How do get a wizard 1 card wi out a credit card? you go to best buy and you buy on of e fast cards ey have ere. if ey dont have it ere, look for a list of e stores on e wizard 1. 20,  · Hey guys! quick video showing you how each chat works, (i.e. Menu Chat, Text Chat, Open Chat) and e requirements for each. anks for watching guys! ~Keira Firesong. Wizard 1 is a multi-player online adventure game (MMO) designed to be easy-to-learn, and fun for children and adults of all ages. I don't have text chat because i am only 12.:(I ink at you press e 'Enter' key on e key board and en you type in what you want to say en you press e little bubble on e place. 01,  · e Beastmoon Hunt is e newest Wizard 1 special event, released in e Summer update. is event is unlike any ing Wizard 1 players have seen before. e event combines team PvP, capture e flag, and a little bit of polymorphing magic to create an entirely unique battle environment. is is a comprehensive guide for beginners. Right now you have what’s called text chat to get open chat your account needs to be over e age of 18. After at you can enable it rough e websites account settings. HOWEVER, to get e actual open chat you need to ei er be a member, or buy 5000 crowns or more. 95 hit rate? Well your dea, so you got a 85 hit rate and en fill up your side k wi keen eyes so if e time come you need to hit to heal / kill, just drop a keen eyes on it for great hit rate, same for fire but don't see a big need for fire if your dea. 13,  · Chat is an important part of any online MMO, and today Mr. Lincoln from Wizard 1 Customer Support has some helpful tips to keep you and your character safe and out of trouble! Chat is a feature of online games at many players find extremely reding. It can assist you in making new friends and form. Apr 24,  · DONT LISTEN TO ANY OF E NUM-NUTS ABOVE! EY DONT KNOW NOTING. well except Abigal who was talking about Runescape. at is a pretty fun game. but to get text chat, where you can talk wi only words from e wizard 1 dictionary, you have to be age 13+. but if you really want to enjoy talking, you need OPEN CHAT. Apr 01,  · How to Hack Wizard. Wizard 1 can be fun, but hard. Download is at. Current available version is 6.7 and is upgrade in future. How do get text chat on wizard 1? You have to go to e Wizard 1 site, Type in e User Name and Password, Go to My Accounts, Type e Parental Control, and Search under Account Management. 18,  · Ok so, wizard 1 ided at people who use credit cards not only crowns just credit cards to become members are e only ones at are allowed open chat. ey ided is because ey ought every different payment me od should have ere own limitations (free trial, credit cards, gift card, etc) idk why ough. Feb 06, 20  · 1.) Go on wizard 1.com, log, press manage accounts. 2.) Look for a white type in box, click it, type in your password. 3.) See if it works, if it does look for where it says text chat and turn it on, press confirm and check if its on. If you follow ese ree steps and it . To ensure a safe virtual world experience, Wizard 1 offers ree different communication options: Menu chat: you can use predetermined phrases to talk to o er players here. is option is available to everyone. Text chat: you can type phrases to talk to o er players from your friend list, your group or your environment here. To do at you have to login to your account on e website and use your master password to login to e settings to adjust your chat options. For accounts at are 18+ ere will be 3 options for your account and e final one would enable text chat. If you want to report a problem like a glitch en email em at [email protected] 1.com. Now if you want to send ideas or just ask a question, en here is e email for at: [email protected] 1.com. Have fun! User Info: Dark_Blitzer. Dark_Blitzer - 9 years ago 0 1. 20,  · hey guys, very interested to see how is turns out. my main family account was an under13 account set up for my kids. i en had to make ano er sub account and pay one year subscription to move my wizard for filtered text. when i asked KI about getting 18 & over open chat i was told at i have to make ano er account 18yo & over, pay a year sub, and spend money on a crdeit . Welcome to e Chat Room page where you can click on e link below to enter e chat room. Have fun and please obey e following rules: No cussing No links of bad images, videos, or o ers No dead links Be friendly to o ers No hacking e chat room please . 09, 2009 · everyone is talking on wizard 1 but i cant under stand em since i don't have chat and i want it so i can talk so how do i get it. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Z-man. 1 ade ago. Favorite Answer. if you are 13 you can get it no o er way. Source(s): Mat ew firecaster of wizard . 0 0. r/Wizard 1 Wizard 1 is an MMO made by Kingsisle Entertainment at was started in 2005, and was released in 2008. It continues to receive updates, and ere's a ent sized community. 04, 2008 · COPPA requires an operator like KingIsle to get parental consent before allowing children to use chat, and at’s all. Since Wizard 1 is a pay service now, it can function like all e o er pay services for children: use parental credit card information to verify eir identity and make em click rough consent. Any company allowing. Wizard 1's Spring update includes a new activity for wizards: Monstrology. is new pastime allows players to ga er Animus from monsters and create useful spells and items, all while filling in eir tome wi monsters from around e Spiral. 04,  · To get open chat, you must go to your account settings at Wizard 1.com. I believe you have to change your bir day, stating at your are 18 years old or older. And TA-DA! Open chat for you.-Hope is helps. How do you use text chat in wizard 1? To use Text Chat, just push your enter key and it will open e chat window. You must be over 13 years old to use text chat, however. text chat is e abilitary to text freely to o er go to www.wizard 1 and click on account manegerment en whern people said to click on yes to free text you need a parent to put in e account password of you mom or dad en click save en it should tell you to put yes in textt chat hope is help. Which is why I ink KI should change how ey filter chat(if at all). When i was , I lied to KI and told em i was 30 to get open chat, at gave me e ability to say any ing i wanted to in game. Now at I’m actually old enough, open chat isn’t even open chat anymore. I dont even see how it’s any different from text chat at is point. 09,  · Wizard. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews it also works if you hold any key left or rig en click text chat on your friend some times it doesnt work but u keep doing it en it will work is how i do it 8. Jack. 17, @ 6:34am. Under e Parental Controls tab, login wi your master password and select e level of chat you desire for e selected account. e selected account is highlighted in a yellow box to e left of e chat options. Filtered Text Chat for players wi under age 13 accounts can only be turned on by a parent/guardian over e age of 18. Apr 07,  · e rule for open chat can be found here. Open Chat: Members who are over e age of 18, and have a valid credit card on file wi us, can enable e 18+ Open Chat. is chat will be filtered for Profanity, but will allow numbers and names. If you have fur er problems enabling Open Chat, be sure to contact support at [email protected] 1.com.

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