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Apr 25, 2009 · Good Bye Yoon Ji Hoo fan meeting. Some questions being answered by Hyun Joong. Enjoy! Skip navigation Kim Hyun Joong ~ Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo - . Enjoy e videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all wi friends, family, and e world on YouTube. Kim Hyun Joong of KBS 2TV drama Boys Over Flowers held a ‘Goodbye JiHoo’ fanmeeting on 31st ch in Seoul Olympics stadium which saw a total of 5,500 fans present at e fanmeeting. Co-actors Kim Bum and Kim Joon was also present to give support. 12, 20  · [DVD] SS501 Good-Bye Yoon Ji Hoo Fanmeeting 090331 (Part 3/5) - Duration: [Engsub] Goodbye Baek SeungJo fan meeting part 1 - Duration: 9:22. gKissSubs 236,670 views. 9:22. Language. is are vid during his 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' Fan Meeting yesterday! he sang 1 of e most famous OST from BBF by his own band SS501, Because I'm Stupid i just knew at he held is fan meeting using his own money to anks for all e supports from his fan! oh geesh~~~ he's such a sweetie. 03,  · [Vietsub] SS501 DVD Good Bye Yoon Ji Hoo 7/8. It was a night of mixed emotions as fans said 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo and Hello Kim Hyun Joong'. bits and pieces of translated news were taken from Quiante at was posted by quynhn on KHJ read @ soompi p.s. now at BoF has ended i can now concentrate on 'Cain and Abel' which is ano er good drama in which rating is quite stable at 16. After I said goodbye to Ji Hoo, I had invited Jae Kyung for lunch and she accepted. As soon as we sat down at a table in a nice restaurant, she congratulated me on my engagement. When I asked her how she knew, Jae Kyung told me e ring on my right hand wasn't ere e day before. 21, 20  · He will watch e last episode toge er wi e lucky korean fans just like before on Boys Over Flowers where he held 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo'. Now it's 'Goodbye Baek Seung Jo'. Bows to all e staffs and crew of PK! You did a very well job! 03,  · [Vietsub] SS501 DVD Good Bye Yoon Ji Hoo 5/8. 11, 2009 · Out of e 3 winners, Yoon Ji Oh will continue to be Hotsun Baked Chicken spokesperson for e next 2 years. Recently, Yoon Ji Oh also acted as lover wi Son Ho Young in SBS E!TV 'Cho Kan Pan'. Yoon Ji Oh partnered wi 'Ji Hoo Sunbae' Kim Hyun . 31, 2009 · From e Stage of 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' Posted by liezle ere'll will be a one hour program before e final episode of BoF will be telecast. Here are first photos from e stage wi Kim Hyun Joong performing. Could he be singing 'Because I'm Stupid' of e lastest song at is included in BoF OST 2.5? Seoul Fan Meeting (1) . Anggap saja ini juga buat fans di In donesia he..he.. Ini adalah program tambahan yang diadakan secara pribadi oleh Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo cast). Judulnya Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo. Progra m durasi satu jam tanggal 31 et 2009 ini diadakan sebagai pesta perpisahan Kim Hyun Jo ong dengan karakter Yoon Ji Hoo. Acara ini gratis (enak ya..ada ngga Missing: joey. 31, 2009 · 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' Posted by liezle Today is e final broadcast of 'Boys Over Flowers' and Kim Hyun Joong ought of spending is night watching episode 24 wi 4,000 of his fans at Seoul Olympic Stadium Hall. is is his way of saying ' ank You and for accepting him as Kim Hyun Joong e actor. Seoul Fan Meeting (1) Seoul. Kim Hyun-joong (Korean: 김현중. Hanja: 金賢重. born e 6, 1986) is a Sou Korean actor, singer and songwriter. He is a member of e boy band SS501 and played roles in e Korean dramas Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss.. After debuting wi SS501 in 2005, Kim released his first Korean solo album, Break Down, in , and his first Japanese solo album, Unlimited, in . Buy Leader of SS501 Kim Hyun Joong - Good-Bye Yoon Ji Hoo (DVD) (Japan Version) - OPSD-S912 at YesAsia.com wi Free International Shipping! Here you can find products of Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), SS501, & popular Japan Movies & Videos. I felt ligh earted as Ji Hoo and I headed to e restaurant where we were meeting Woo Bin and Ga Eul. Our exams were over. I had managed to talk wi Ju Mi, and after a couple of hours of tears and apologies I could feel e relief of knowing we were still friends. Apr 19,  · Kim Hyun Joong ~ Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo by littlebean. 6:15. Drama Mix: You're Beautiful & Boys Before Flowers / According to You by gagabee25. 3:23. Boys Over Flowers Special 2/6 20 1st YAB Fan Meeting Japan 8 by ngocqadt. 8:36. 20 1st YAB Fan Meeting Japan by . 03, 2009 · SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong who had his first challenge acting in a drama as Yoon Ji Hoo. To commemorate 「Hanadan」(Shortform for BOF in Japan) last episode, he had wished to watch toge er wi his fans us he forked out 0million won to hold a fan meeting and is has been recorded and made into a DVD. 02,  · Kim Hyun-joong at his best in my opinion has always been when he was playing his guitar and is performance of Because I’m So Stupid at his Goodbye Yoon Ji-hoo fan meet has got to be one of his best vocal performances. So, as a fan I was anxiously awaiting Hyun-joong’s next project after e completion of Playful Kiss, but. I ink I'll pass and Ji Hoo, don't even ink of suggesting any of your wife's friend to me, He added, lining Woo Bin's offer and playfully reatening Ji Hoo. Ji Hoo could only smile and rew his hands up like he was surrendering. Wouldn't even dream of it, . 25,  · (hd 80) ss501 kim hyun joong (eng sub) ♥break down♥ღ 12-29-. Kim Hyun-joong: Fan meeting (Goodbye Yun Ji Hoo Party) Kim Hyun-joong.k.a. Ji-hoo sunbae (a name which his fans affectionately still calls him) has one of e most organized and active fans groups around! On ch 30, Hyun-joong had a rehearsal wi his bandmates for e fan meeting which would take place e next day. On ch 31, Hyun-joong was at Seoul’s Olympic Park meeting 4,000 very . Apr 05, 2009 · Kim Hyun Joong of KBS 2TV drama Boys Over Flowers held a ‘Goodbye JiHoo’ fanmeeting on 31st ch in Seoul Olympics stadium which saw a total of 5,500 fans present at e fanmeeting. Ji Hoo sunbae was doing all of at to win a prize. at's all. Don't be delusional. I went quickly to our meeting point, and five minutes later he appeared. Ji Hoo I started. Pyo went to say goodbye to his in-laws and his mo er before turning, lastly, to us. . Now at bo Lee Gon and Lee Rim (Lee g-jin) are time traveling, e timeline is constantly changing, and some of e scenes are much more confusing an all 14 episodes combined.Since Lee Rim 1.0 (e original Lee Rim we knew from e beginning) goes back in time to n his past self Lee Rim 2.0 but gets killed by him, Lee Rim 2.0 now takes e reins and continues e story. Goodbye Macau, HELLO SEOUL! She remembered how her parents called Pyo son-in-law immediately after meeting him. She expected Ji Hoo would receive e same treatment. She just wondered what he would make of it. Ah Ji Hoo you are too easy to tease! she said flicking him in e nose and walking off wi a wave. 16, 2009 · is time it's Hyun Joong 's MV teaser. y and intense. Again, can't wait to see e full MV. e song is actually not new to us. We've seen him perform is for e very first time in 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo'. e song is 'My Girl' [but from e press release yesterday e title is 'Please Be Nice To Me'].Check out e 58 seconds MV teaser. Ji Hoo and Di each held a bouquet of flowers at he'd brought. Ji Hoo put e flowers on e graves and en stood back wi his arms crossed respectfully at his waist. Abeoji, Eomeoni, is is Geum Di, he said after a moment. is is e girl I love Ji Hoo glanced back at . Goodbye Ji-Hoo and Hello Pyo Ji-Hoo is back and e Trip Cho has a tough life, meeting F4 can ei er make or break at streak. Set before Heir of e en Dance Girl [Boys Over Flowers] 8.1K 251 32. A fan fiction based off of jihoo from Boys Over Flowers. I hope you enjoy! Before I walked out I gave Ji-Hoo ano er big hug. Welcome back hyeong you were missed. He chuckled wrapping his arms around me tightly. Missed you too yeodongsaeng. I pulled away waving to e o ers before leaving. ~Time Skip~ It had been a few days since Ji-Hoo's return and every ing had been quiet. I didn't trust it. Sure enough. RING! When e hit series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay aired its final episode, we had to bid goodbye to our beloved characters Moon Kang-tae and Go Moon-young as well. is means missing actors Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji who splendidly portrayed eir characters in e series as e quiet, uptight medical worker and e famous children’s book writer wi antisocial disorder who bo do not believe. Apr 11, 2009 · He held a Goodbye Yun Ji Hoo party for his beloved fans. e event was a gift to ank his fans for eir love and support while he was working on Boys Before Flowers (his first stint as . Di and Ji Hoo are in medical school toge er. Joon Pyo is in America. Di and Joon Pyo struggle wi a long-distance relationship. Di and Ji Hoo become closer as ey share eir passion for medicine and Ji Hoo continues to answer e emergency bell. Takes place during 4 year gap in BoF and continues. Will life go as expected? Boys Before Flowers is a Korean Series created in 2009, based on e Japanese manga Boys over Flowers. e live Adaptation Distillation uses similar characters but wi different names and outcomes over e course of a 25-episode arc. It is e fif adaptation of e original source, and it is e only Korean-produced adaptation.. After saving a rich kid from suicide, Geum Di is invited. 30, 2009 · Anggap saja ini juga buat fans di In donesia he..he.. Ini adalah program tambahan yang diadakan secara pribadi oleh Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo cast). Judulnya Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo. Progra m durasi satu jam tanggal 31 et 2009 ini diadakan sebagai pesta perpisahan Kim Hyun Jo ong dengan karakter Yoon Ji Hoo. Acara ini gratis (enak ya..ada ngga. Ji Hoo acted as he didn't care and gently pushed his chair out as he walked over to e bar. Seo Hyun could not keep her eyes off Ji Hoo as she followed him to e bar. Ji Hoo-ah, I don't know what your relationship wi Ga Eul is but I can sense at she's not e person at she was tonight, sitting at e table trying to lie to all of us. SS501 SS501 debuted in 2005 wi eir first single 경고 (ning), wi a second single Snow Prince released in late 2005. e group was inactive in Korea for most of 2006, al ough ey had a fan meeting in Japan in April.[citation needed] e hiatus was due to Heo Young Saeng's roat condition which required surgery, us resulting in a need for time to fully recover.[citation needed]. is event was actually held last night, April 7. is is e boys get 2nd public appearance [1st was at e 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' even] after Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yung Min finished eir drama and musical show respectively. for eir performance of 'making a lover' and here for 'deja vu' But e videos are focusing more on Hyun Joong. GOODBYE YOON JI HOO: 31- ch: Meeting wi 4,000 fans to k e end of e Boys over Flowers series and express his gratitude to fans. is meeting was free (Olympic Hall Seoul). 20: GOODBYE BAEK SAENG JO: 22-. Meeting wi 2,000 fans to k e end of e Playful Kiss series, free meeting for 2,000 fans at took place at e Dome Art. From e Stage of 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' New From e Face Shop. Pix Spam: BoF Episode 24. Quick One on Yong Joon. Hyun Joong for Hotsun Ads [Old Videos] Yong Joon for pole. Boys Over Flowers Coming to an End. Hotsun Chix or Hot Hyun Joong? Quick News on Yong Joon [03.25.09] Kim Hyun Joong @ Seoul Fashion Week. YOU ARE READING. F4's Little Wolf (Boys over Flowers) Fanfiction. Ksenia wanted a new beginning, away from e crazy of America. When her best friend and soul sister Di tells her she is about to attend Shinhwa High School she saw an opportunity of a new start and wi her friend. g Ji-hoon (Korean: 정지훈, born e 25, 1982), better known by his stage name Rain (Korean 비 IPA ['piː]), is a Sou Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer.. Rain's musical career includes seven albums (six Korean, one Japanese), 28 singles and numerous concert tours around e world. He achieved break rough success wi his ird Korean album, It's Raining (2004.

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