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Feb 05,  · Political comedian Bill Maher made an endorsement of sorts Friday night, urging Republicans to choose Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. 12,  · Bill Maher didn't bite his tongue (big surprise!) when talking to e Daily Beast about e current state of American politics. Ted Cruz is scarier an Donald Trump, he said in an interview published ursday. Because I ink Donald Trump, despite some of e crazy ings he says and some of e disgusting ings he says, he also says some Au or: Judah Robinson. 26,  · Republicans are stuck between a rock and a gross place in choosing eir presidential candidate, Bill Maher says. So e Real Time wi Bill Maher host helpfully broke down on Friday night's show why he inks Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) would be a better commander-in-chief an real estate mogul Donald Trump. Bill Maher William (Bill) Maher Sanders tells Maher ' ere will be a number of plans' to remove Trump if he loses Bill Maher to Joy Reid: 'Very nervous' about Biden's chances after GOP convention. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, had a fierce debate wi Real Time host Bill Maher on Friday over President Trump 's handling of e coronavirus outbreak one at examined e president's style. Bill Maher of HBO’s long-running Real Time Wi Bill Maher (Coming back to HBO is Friday) gave his shocking insight to e Republican front runners to e Daily Beast ursday. e comic who has never held back from letting his liberal opinions rear eir left wing heads divulged in his eory at a Cruz presidency is what we should really be worried about. 06,  · Just ree days after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president in e of last year, conservative columnist Ann Coulter suggested on Real Time wi Bill Maher . 31,  · e meeting of joke-telling veterans wasn’t always comedy gold — far from it — but ey engaged on a topic at Maher has been hammering at for more an half of Donald Trump. Apr 13,  · Bill Maher has flip-flopped quite a bit on Ted Cruz. Speaking to e Daily Beast in uary, e host of HBO’s Real Time offered at Ted Cruz is scarier an Donald Trump, alleging Trump. 11,  · Donald Trump added ano er chapter to his years-long feud wi Bill Maher on Saturday by engaging in a Twitter back-and-for wi e comedian over comments made during e latest airing of Maher. Subscribe to e Real Time YouTube: // r5A1B Bill shares a few fun facts from Senator Ted Cruz's upcoming Us Weekly feature on e April 22. 12,  · On Wednesday, President Trump fired back at HBO’s Bill Maher after Maher delivered a mock eulogy prior to which Maher called Trump a spectacular p****, and concluded e eulogy by stating, Fly free, whiny little b****. Fly free. Trump fired back on Twitter: Watched @billmaher last week for e first time in a long time. ,  · President Trump called comedian Bill Maher a wacko Saturday and accused him of lying in re ks he made about e president’s trip to visit mass shooting victims in . 19,  · A conversation wi former President Barack Obama official Susan Rice on election security in e election on HBO’s Real Time took a turn when host Bill Maher predicted Donald Trump. 26,  · Bill Maher puts on a baseball cap expressing his preference for Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in is screengrab from an episode of Real Time at aired on . Bill Maher, returning to air wi a limited audience and a socially-distanced panel Friday night, spoke wi former FBI agent Peter Strzok and asked him about e Trump-Russia investigation. He. In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher argues at Republican voter suppression tactics have turned our election system into an obstacle course. NUT PICK Bill argues at e Supreme Court bench is already packed wi Ca olics – and at Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett is nuttier an most. 26,  · Bill Maher ae at Hillary Clinton is not a shoo-in, made a deliberate choice between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in a ought provoking manner. Of course, Maher had a gallon of bleach close by for a cleansing purpose. Bill Maher said at he knows Republicans are having a hard time picking between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. 24,  · BILL Maher mocked Jeffrey Toobin claiming he has had to shake his hand after e CNN analyst was allegedly cht red-handed masturbating in a Zoom call. Maher . 04,  · Ted Cruz pulled out of e presidential race following ano er loss to Donald Trump and Hollywood took to Twitter to take shots at e Texas senator. douchebag, Bill Maher wrote. 26,  · Bill Maher ended his talk show Friday night by settling e debate over which Republican presidential candidate is less awful, saying he would ra er see Sen. Ted Cruz . Bill Maher Leads Attack on Larry Wilkerson over Trump Meeting wi Putin Channel: eRealNews SHARMINI PERIES: It's e Real News Network. SHARMINI PERIES: It's e Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore. It's been almost two weeks since President. Trump met wi Russia's President Vladimir. 16,  · Maher wondered why Cruz could even fa om saying such a ing, for Cruz looked even worse when Trump showed some heart while talking about 9/11. Topics: Bill Maher, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz. 22,  · 2 'Real Time': Bill Maher Tussles Wi Joke-Challenged Al Franken Over Whe er Donald Trump Would Go Peacefully 3 John Mulaney Relates How He Broke e News To Comedy Central On Dave Chappelle's. 18,  · Maher also took on e Trump ugs and counseled voters on an obscene comment ey could say to MAGA poll watchers. e host also discussed Trump's super . Donald Trump filed a $5 million lawsuit against Bill Maher. Donald Trump sued e American comedian, Bill Maher for calling him e Son of an orangutan. Donald voluntarily dismissed his $5 million lawsuits against e comedian soon after e incident. 01,  · Prior to his last Cleveland appearance in e , comedian and HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher called Ted Cruz e Republican party’s most dangerous candidate. Time has indeed changed Maher’s tune. Ted Cruz would probably be our worst president ever, but Donald Trump could be our last president ever, e 60-year-old funnyman said wi a nervous chuckle. Political satirist Bill Maher has been criticized for making an incest joke about Ivanka Trump and her fa er on his show. While on his HBO program Real Time wi New York magazine reporter. Apr 27,  · Maher still be a supporter of e California representative but he actually called Schiff out on his obsession wi alleged wrongdoings by President Trump and his campaign. It is music to my ears. My sister sent me a clip of Friday’s Real Time wi Bill Maher and it is fun to watch Schiff squirm. As he and Maher begin to discuss e. ,  · e White House have started to backpedal from Trump's initial unconditional agreement to meet wi Nor Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but Real Time host Bill Maher is . Ted Cruz nicknames have been coined by Donald Trump, John McCain, Bill Maher, Jon Stet, SNL, e New York Times, and even by Ted Cruz himself and his wife, Heidi Cruz. Ted e Ooze Cruz is e Latino Liberace and a damn sharp dresser! Ted Schmooze is a real ladies man. On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher said at while it is a good idea to divert police funding to community services, police departments shouldn’t be defunded completely, and sharply criticized e defund e police slogan as some ing at is so politically stupid at it requires effort and some ing at will ruin e political progress Democrats are. 09,  · Ted Cruz raged at Fox’s pro-Trump bias in , book claims Facebook Twitter Pinterest Texas senator Ted Cruz, who has grown a beard since losing e GOP nomination to Trump in . 14,  · Bill Maher. Bill Maher surely let some folks down Friday night when he suggested e Defund e Police movement — brace yourselves — is going to have a backlash. e predicted effect: more people voting for Trump. 23,  · Get to know e woman behind Donald Trump's shocking White House victory. up on HBO's Real Time wi Bill Maher, on behalf of en-Republican presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. ,  · Bill Maher inks President Donald Trump's agreement to meet wi Nor Korea's Kim Jong-un is so crazy, it just might work. Kim Jong-un of Nor Korea yesterday told Sou Korea at he. 11,  · Bill Maher is hot and cold. When he's great, he's fire. When he's not, he makes you want to cry. But one area in which Bill Maher is usually always right is free speech and how political correctness ruins every ing. In an interview wi infamous stupid person Chris Cuomo, Maher scolds e Democrats for adopting e full insanity of e PC-obse. 29,  · Maher claimed Obama urged Ginsburg to retire during a lunch meeting. Ginsburg should've taken e hint and quit while a Democrat was in power, he said. e TV host has vocally opposed Barrett's appointment to e Supreme Court and referred to her as a f -ing nut.. Apr 06,  · President Donald Trump nicknamed him Lyin’ Ted Cruz and some people — potentially including his own dhter — believe he is e Zodiac Killer. On Friday’s Real Time wi Bill. Bill Maher tonight actually said liberals should not reflexively hating on e prospect of President Trump meeting wi Kim Jong Un.. Maher joked about Fat Man and Little Boy meeting. 31,  · At an. 2 Senate GOP lunch meeting, Cruz was asked point-blank by GOP senators if he would renounce e group and its tactics. (WATCH: Bill Maher: Don't underestimate Ted Cruz). Feb 14,  · Bill Barr learns at Trump is a crafty badger. A badger. (Getty Images/iStockphoto) Opinion by. Dana Milbank. Dana Milbank. In e early days of e Trump administration, a .

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